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It’s a Beautiful Day

What a week. One other thing you will get to know about me is how much I love music! I have played the drums since I was about 8 yrs. old, and I recently gave my drum set to my nephew who began playing them since I could not play anymore. Now I listen to music a lot and dance with my daughter at home just like my family did when I grew up. No matter what kind of music you like it is a beautiful way to take your mind off of things.

One of my favorite things to do is see live music. We are lucky here in Milwaukee to have Summerfest and I am always amazed at what I discover there in music. This year it was a 12 yr. old that played guitar like he was Eric Clapton. Unbelievable!!!

One of the greatest live shows I have seen is U2 and I was able to see them this past weekend in Minneapolis for the seventh time. I am frugal but I will pay top dollar to see a band up close. This was a gift from my mother in law and recently deceased father in law. What a gift. At one point during the outside show it was pouring rain, the stage was lit up and four large spot lights pointed straight up to the heavens as U2 belted out the song “Beautiful Day.” I thanked my father in law at that time for the tickets and thanked the Lord for my wonderful life. Yes, wonderful life. Despite death, suffering, illness, stress, etc. this moment during the concert reminded me to keep life in perspective as I was singing along looking to the heavens in the pouring rain next to my wife and others. To me the song is about seeing how wonderful the world can be by noticing the everyday things like just listening to a bird sing in a tree or a sun set, really beautiful things that most people don’t give a thought to because they are so tied up with life’s necessities.

If you are struggling with anything, try turning off the television and crank up a few songs you love. Perhaps you will find the same relief to life’s challenges for as long or short as needed like I do. And if you can, go see some live music. Who knows, you might see me there.


3 responses to “It’s a Beautiful Day

  1. ljpw93 ⋅

    I’ll never forget the U2 concert in Madison with you and John….so happy that it was amazing. As for the rain…..never bothered mom and I in a down pour watching Neil…..Love you Jim – -you are such an inspiration!!!! Peace!

  2. Helene ⋅

    God Bless You Jim, You are an incredibile person and a great inspiration

  3. Sankari

    So beautiful Jim! You are a true inspiration!
    We are hoping to come walk with you in October!
    Sankari and Keith 🙂

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