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Facing our Fears

At some point in all our lives we have to face and hopefully eventually overcome our fears. The question is why do some people have more fears and what allows some people the ability to overcome them more easily? There are many different lists of the top fears, but usually the top fears include flying, public speaking, heights, dark, rejection, and death.

I know my biggest fear was flying. I have gotten better over the years but I still get nervous which is better than the panic attacks I used to get. My wife has a worse fear of flying than me and it all manifested after she had children, because if you ask me, her biggest fear is the safety and well-being of her children. The ironic thing is my oldest son wants to be a pilot for the Air Force so perhaps he will help both of us one day.

What about kids? All my kids have or are going through the phase of being afraid of the dark. I have learned that the biggest fear of 7-9 years old is the fear of separation. This bothers me today because even though we teach our children about heaven, Evan doesn’t want me to go to heaven without him and vice versa. I always say my 5 year old is fearless which probably adds to my wife’s fear. Most high schoolers probably go through the fear of rejection and fitting in most often.

So what is my point? The truth is we are all born with love, no real fears, and no prejudices towards others. As we grow up some fears come and go and most can be overcome. In my case my biggest fear is no longer flying but dying. Please don’t confuse that with death, they are two different things in my case. I do not fear death. My faith takes care of that. In my opinion I am no different than anyone else on this earth because in a certain respect we are all dying. I just know my likely cause and right now that gives me a shorter leash than most of you. We live in the land of the dying with hopes of leading our life in a way that will take us to the land of eternal living in heaven. I just fear dying in an ALS manner in front of my children. As a parent we try to protect our children at all costs and I can’t protect them from this. That is my biggest struggle and fear these days. My hope is that things progress slow enough that my young children reach an age where they understand things better and understand that their faith will get them through anything. Most importantly is that perhaps a cure will be discovered to resolve this issue before then.

As far as the answer to my original question, in my opinion, by far the people I know who fear the least all seem to have a solid faith as well as a positive attitude to life. So if you haven’t done it already, put your faith in God and I think many of your fears will recede. Mine have.

2 responses to “Facing our Fears

  1. Mike Bansemar ⋅

    My wife Mary was had ALS since January 2005. I am currently revisting the book ‘On Death and Drying’. It does have a different meaning now. We both are enjoying life despite the shorter outlook. The hardest challenge for me is our sons and grandaughter. I would rather have ALS than her. She is the emotional life line for them. But example is a good teacher. Quality is more important than quality.

  2. jj4real

    Very well written. Amazing how faith in Christ puts everything in perspective. He provides the strength if we are willing to witness for Him. Praying for you daily.

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