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How Do You Fill Your Cup

We have all heard the phrase “My cup has runneth over.” It essentially means you have too much on your plate. Not being able to work anymore has allowed me the opportunity to reassess what fills my cup. Instead of looking at the cup as a volume in liquid try thinking of it as a day in hours. One thing that is a constant is time. Think of your cup as 24 hrs. and how you will spend your time in a 24 hour day. You can’t fit 29 hrs. in a 24 hr. day so your cup cannot runneth over.

Let’s assume for a moment that unlike me you have a job. To make it simple we will say you work 8 hrs. a day and sleep 8 hrs. a day. That leaves the average person 8 hrs. a day to finish filling their cup. Think of it as your own budget; you have fixed costs such as work, sleep, housework, travel time, eating, etc. It is the non-fixed costs that we all have a choice about. Things to choose from could be exercise, prayer, family time, and alone time, just to mention a few. It is in these hours where we all can find the balance in life we all need and deserve.

For me I get to spend more time with my family, give my time to certain causes, walk my dog, and something I think is important for all of us to have: alone time. I call it guy time. When I married Susan there were three main guy times things that she needed to understand about me; a Brewer tailgate every August with my friends from Illinois, a golf outing in September, and Packer Sundays. Granted my “guy time” isn’t a daily item that fills my cup but you get the point.

It is a shame that sometimes it takes a crisis like mine to remove unneeded things from my cup to focus on the real important things in life. Essentially I fill my cup with my 3 F’s: Faith, Family, and Friends. Then I top it off with service for others, housework, and guy time and I have a perfectly filled cup. If you don’t feel like you have a balanced life check out what fills your cup and try to make the necessary changes so your cup will never runneth over.

One response to “How Do You Fill Your Cup

  1. julie ⋅

    Well said brother! As I sit here having lots of little things to do…I know what is important today and that is going over to mom’s and spending time with her! All this little stuff can wait. Family and friends are so important…you are so right:) I look forward to your blogs…you help me focus on certain things and remind me to be thankful for what I have in my life. The 3 F’s are also my important things…faith, family, and friends….fill those in your cup on a daily basis and you will be blessed in more ways then one. I love you and you are truly the BEST brother/friend!!!! Have a great day.

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