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Who is Knocking at Your Door?

Someone’s knockin at my door

Somebody’s ringing the bell

Someone’s knockin at my door

Somebody’s ringin the bell

Do me a favor, open the door

And let him in.

Recognize these lyrics? It is the opening verse from the song “Let ’em in” by Paul McCartney and Wings. It always made me think of whether we choose to let people into our lives….or not.

Let’s be honest, when that home phone rings and we don’t know the number don’t we always let it go to voicemail? I know I do mainly because I don’t want to be “sold” anything. How often do we recognize the number and not answer because we don’t want to talk or are just too busy for that person right now? Once again I am guilty. But what if that person was in need and was calling you for support. What if that friend or sibling simply was lonely and a five minute chat would make their day. Don’t we all have room in our cup to be that friend, brother, sister, etc. to someone? I think so.

I am home during the day now so if my doorbell rings chances are somebody is selling something. As a society we love to purchase but for the most part don’t like to feel like we are being sold anything. That’s why most of us can shop till we drop but despise buying a car. That’s why as a salesman we try to have the consumer feel as if they are making the decision rather selling them something. We discover their needs and show them the benefits of our product for them to make an informed decision. The other day Jehovah’s Witnesses came knocking. Now ordinarily I would avoid them but on this day I did not. I let them do their talking and responded, debated, and challenged one another. After about ten minutes they went on their way. Whereas we have differences of opinion, I respect their position and I believe they do mine as well. I am very secure and content in my faith and they are as well. No matter what faith you believe in I have to believe the world is better off than if people were not.

This got me to thinking. In my Christian faith there are many paintings of Christ at someone’s door. But if you look closely often there is no doorknob. The symbolism is that he is always knocking at your door but only you can open it. Have you ever wanted someone to stop smoking, drinking, or quit some other vice that has a strangle hold on them? If that person does not make the personal decision to do what is best for them it never happens. This is no different. The moral of the story is if you aren’t as close to your lord as you want to be it is never too late. He is always knocking at your door waiting for you to open it, and your heart to him. So if you haven’t already, as the song says “open the door and let him in.” you and our world will be a better place for it.

5 responses to “Who is Knocking at Your Door?

  1. Yvette Steger ⋅

    Love this! Thanks Jim.

  2. d high ⋅

    Wow – love your blogs!! Wish you lived closed so I could knock on your door. Praying for you! May God continue to bless you and give you so much wisdom

  3. margie ⋅

    I really like this, well put.
    Thank You

  4. Maryellen Heywood ⋅

    Jim you always could make my day better !!! Then and even more so now ! MaryEllen

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