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Who are You?

How often have you asked the question “Who are You” to yourself? Who we are may change during the course of our lives but one thing will never change for me which I will share later on. Perhaps you may answer this question by saying you are a parent, spouse, lawyer, or a doctor. Most likely you are many things. I know that we often think we know who people are only to be vastly disappointed when they are not who we thought they were. Haven’t you uttered to yourself at some point “I thought I really knew that person.” The easiest way for you to answer this question is to think about what is most important to you.
Invariably most people will answer this question in reference to their family as in I am a father, mother, or a sibling. The first time I thought about this question was when I heard the song Who are You by The Who. The song has a few interpretations but I remember looking in the mirror and asking myself a variation of that question: who I wanted to be. I knew I wanted to be like my dad but as a shy kid I couldn’t see myself being a salesman. That was 1978 and as a 15 year old in high school I wanted to be an architect. Then came college. At that time who I was was a college student growing up and learning to be responsible for myself. I started in engineering and ended up with a degree as a Landscape Architect. Of course, in the end, I became a salesman just like my father. Then came marriage and kids. So if I have to answer that question today what would I say? Father, husband, brother, son, friend. Those are what come to mind first and I bet yours would be very similar. But something is missing from that list.
When my son Evan was baptized a very special and symbolic moment occurred. Our priest took Evan and held him up to the assembly, like Rafiki did with Simba in the Lion King, and announced: I present to you, Evan Eutizzi, child of God! Father Leonard did that with all his baptisms and it was special for everyone in attendance. The trouble is we all grow up and evolve and sometimes we lose sight of that fact of how our life started for many of us. It may be there but we don’t say it. I believe we are all children of God and he has enough love for all of us and then some. And if you have lost your way, he is always knocking if you want to open the door.
So now you know what was missing from my previous answer. Although I am 48 years old, I am still and always will be a child of God. I am also a father, husband, brother, son and friend. The older we get the more hats we wear but it all starts with one powerful one. So do me a favor and stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the heart and ask yourself the question “Who are You.” I hope you are as content with your answer as I am.

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