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Filling that Void in Your Life

How often do you find yourself living a fast hectic lifestyle yet feel like there’s still something missing? Or perhaps, you have lost something dear to you and there’s just a hole inside of you that can’t be filled. Some of the happiest content people I know in life lead a simple existence with very few of the possessions many of us try to attain. Then again, I have many friends who are wealthier that lead fulfilling lives while others lead empty lives. Why is this?
Sometimes that void in our life is brought upon us by a tragedy such as losing a loved one; be it a parent, close friend, or even a family pet. I lost my father seven years ago and it was a process to try and fill that void in my heart. In all honesty, it probably took a good year to work through the grieving process. I am watching my wife struggle with that same process today. One of the most difficult things I had to do was putting my dog down. Anyone who’s had a pet knows how difficult that can be. I vowed that day I would never get another pet because of the void and the difficulty in that process. Of course, I say that with my pet Goldendoodle named Molly sitting by my side. Molly has filled the void and then some.
How about the athlete who retires from playing a game that they have played their entire life. Unfortunately, statistics show that close to 80% of professional athletes are either bankrupt or divorced within two years of retirement. Today I’m trying to fill a void as I no longer work. Granted I can’t do what I used to do as my strength and energy don’t allow me to do that. But I have found ways to fill that void through the small amount of work I do for the ALS chapter and by writing this blog. It allows me an opportunity to keep my creative juices flowing while giving me a sense of purpose that I would not otherwise have. There is nothing worse than being home by myself with a fully functioning brain and a zest to continue life but unable to physically do so. So while I can, I’m able to fill that void of work with small projects that I can share with you, with my family, and with the ALS chapter.
Why do some people who have little often seem more content than some people who are blessed with more possessions or things that they have accumulated? Or why do some people who appear to live very fulfilling lives still have stresses, worries, or anxieties that seem to bog them down? It appears to me that there still may be a void that for some reason is not being filled. In my opinion, that void can be filled with the love and or forgiveness of God. In my own unscientific study of the people I know it appears those who are content with who they are, where they are, and what they have in life have a much closer bond with their faith. It is almost as if God fills that void and removes those stresses, worries, and anxieties for them. So how does this happen? It is an individual process for every person to go through. Some people realize this at an early age, some people realize this after a dramatic event, and some people finally figure it out later in life. I know when it happened for me, and because it did I’m able to cope with my situation better than maybe somebody who has not come to this realization. That is not to say I am happy about my predicament because I’m not. I just seem to be coping with it better than some other people have been able to.


So I hope as life moves along for all of you that you all find a way to fill the voids in your lives. Fill it with things that make you happy. Fill it with love and forgiveness. Fill it with hope and dreams. Fill it with your family. Fill it with a new hobby or exercise. And after all of this if you still feel empty are unable to cope, fill it with God for he can bring you the peace, love and forgiveness that will bring contentment and fulfillment to your life. 

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