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March On

What is your favorite month of the year? I’m sure you all have your favorite but for me it has to be March. I guess you could say that is because it has a little of many of my favorite things.
First of all, I am sitting here listening to all the birds singing outside. I don’t think I really appreciated that sound as much as I do now. It truly is the sound of spring in the air. When everyone has left for the day and it is just me at home it is very peaceful when you just listen to the sounds of nature as they appear in March. It doesn’t hurt that the weather has been unbelievable so far this month.
This brings me to the next reason why March is my favorite month. March ushers out the cold of winter and ushers in the warmer days of spring. Winters in Wisconsin can be very long and depressing, but in March we begin to get the signals of the better days that lie around the corner. There are three specific days in March of significance to me. The first is Ash Wednesday. This signifies the beginning of personal reflection and preparation for the Easter season. The next day is St. Patrick’s Day. Of course I had much more fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in my 20s and 30s, but the beautiful thing is everybody is a little bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day and more importantly it is also my nephew’s birthday! Finally, we have March 21st, the first day of spring. It is truly symbolic of rebirth, renewal, and optimism by what you see occurring in nature. It also happens to be my birthday. I was told had I been a girl my parents were going to name me Spring! All I can say is I’m glad I was born with that third leg. This year I will turn 49 and be on my way to the big 50. Some people might find that to be difficult, but as I said before, I take nothing for granted anymore and I can’t wait to celebrate my birthday next week.
The final reason why March is my favorite month has to do with sports. To begin, spring training for baseball opens up and if that doesn’t get you ready for summer I don’t know what will. And with the Milwaukee Brewers having a decent team now, it makes it even more hopeful and exciting. But for me nothing says March like March madness of NCAA basketball. I used to take vacation days on the Thursday and Friday of opening weekend just to watch as many games as I could. I fill out the brackets and enter various pools and we even have one where all six of us in our family fill out a bracket. The winner gets to choose the restaurant for a family dinner. It’s amazing how competitive a five and eight-year-old can be during March madness.
So there you have it. My reasons for March being the greatest month of all. I figured some of my blogs can get a little heavy so why not do a much more lighthearted blog. I would love to hear about your favorite month and the reasons why if you would like to share.

3 responses to “March On

  1. John ⋅

    I like all your reasons for March being your favorite month. Since I really don’t have a “favorite” month, I’ll adopt yours!

  2. ljpw93 ⋅

    I will always love March because that is the month that dad and I drove to pick you and mom up at the hospital the day you were born… i was 9 years old – and i’ll never forget sitting in the back seat with you going home for your first time. I love you so much Jimmy…..and I NEVER stop believing for your miracle – –

  3. ljpw93 ⋅

    I love the month of March also – -it is the month that dad and i drove up to the hospital to pick up mom and my new baby brother. I remember sitting in the backseat with you and the little stuffed animal I brought for you…and taking you home. I love you so much Jimmy….I will NEVER stop believing for the miracle!!!!

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