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Nourishing Yourself

When I think about last week, a lot of the time was spent around nourishment. When I talk about nourishment I am talking about the mind, the soul, and the body. I believe if one of these areas is out of whack than so will be your life until you get everything realigned.

So what do I mean when I talk about the mind? As I’ve said many times before, although there are many physical limitations that I deal with, without a doubt the biggest struggle is the mental aspect of dealing with this. There are many aspects that can affect one’s mental outlook: stress, finances, weather, relationships, and many more. I know when I look back on a day that I struggled; more often than not it was because I struggled mentally.

Next is nourishing the soul. Last week was holy week for me. So nourishing the soul was very prevalent. I begin and end each day with a prayer anyway but last week was much more than normal. To me Easter Sunday is the most important celebration. That was the day where everyone was given the possibility of eternal life because of what happened on that day. This is the faith and the hope that is at my core and sustains me every day.

Finally is nourishing the body. Last week involved a lot of meals. We visited my sister in law who is a great cook. We had great meals culminating with a wonderful Easter meal. I called my mother who said rather than ham she was preparing an authentic Italian dinner. It wasn’t until later that I realized she went away from her traditional dinner to a meal for my father as it would have been there 51st wedding anniversary. I also had to make a tough decision regarding my nutrition last week.  I will have to make a lot of difficult decisions along my path and this was one of them. My appetite and ability to feed myself is not the greatest. So last week I made the decision to have a feeding tube in place by this fall. That way my body can get the nutrition it needs to help with my energy level as well as my weight loss. This will not stop me from enjoying the foods I love to eat but rather satisfy the nutritional needs of my body.

So if you feel out of whack check your mind, soul, and body. Make sure you are feeding it what it needs. Nourishment does not just come from food, rather, many factors play into how we feel about ourselves and how we can make sure we are best equipped to serve others.

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