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Decision Making

One thing I know for sure is that our lives are constantly filled with decision making. Some of them are daily rather small decisions, but many of them are decisions that may determine large aspects of your life. Can you remember what you would consider the first big decision of your life?
Many of us grapple with these big decisions that may shape our future. But in my opinion it is not the decision that is important but rather, what you do after you make that decision. Think about that for a moment. How often have we all agonized about important decisions? My son Dan has a major decision coming up with his college choice. It is a big decision but not nearly as important as what and how he leads his life after that choice. No matter where he goes it will be up to him to make that experience a successful one.
How about getting married? Most people can’t wait to get married, but with half of marriages ending in divorce, it seems like many of us have a hard time being married. Then there is decision about bringing a child into this world. There is no bigger responsibility for us than being a parent after we make that decision. How we live our lives will shape and mold our children into the kind of person they will be as an adult. Do you have a pet in your family? My kids begged me to get a dog for a year before I finally caved. They all said they would help take care of the dog, but I end up cleaning the yard more than anyone. And now thankfully the last person who wanted the dog, me, has a best friend to keep me company all day long.
My point is we spend a lot of time and energy agonizing over some major decisions that will shape our lives. When a lot of the time and energy you put into the hard work that has to be put in after you make that decision. Do you have the commitment and attitude necessary to make the results of that decision a success? It kind of goes back to my blog about forks in the road. Once that decision is made it is up to us to decide the success or failure of that choice. It kind of goes back to what my father told me: son you’ve got to finish what you start. That simple lesson has carried me through much of my life. I have always been able to look myself in the mirror and say I gave it everything I had especially during my failures. This simple lesson never allowed me to quit something I started without 100% commitment and effort. My hope is that I can instill the same lesson in my children as they begin the decision-making in their own lives.

2 responses to “Decision Making

  1. cheryl lange ⋅

    thank you jim! tough decisions make for great life lessons. I’ve made a decision today to never be a victim and I’ll use that as a reminder when I’m making some tough choices in the days to follow. You continue to be a source of strength for me!

  2. Alice Wolfe ⋅

    Great thoughts! Our nation could use more people who think and act like you … Maybe you should teach this in school to students and after school to parents! Way to go Jim! Hugs The Granma

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