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By definition, a milestone is a series of numbered markers constructed to provide reference points along a road. So too are the milestones that we can look forward to and remember that provide reference points to our lives. Milestones can be large or small and also happy or sad. In the next couple of months my life will be peppered with some wonderful milestones.

This weekend we will celebrate two important milestones. On Saturday Evan will be receiving his first communion. He is so excited to take the next step in his journey of faith just as we are as his family. On Sunday, like many of you, we will celebrate a yearly milestone by appreciating mom on Mother’s Day. Let’s be honest, it is mom who keeps the family together like the foundation of a home. It is also a day to remember moms who are no longer with us.

I am also lucky enough to partake in a father/son trip with my son Dan to Mexico. It is something I wanted to do with my kids upon high school graduation that we can experience together to create memories to last a lifetime. I also still have hope for my ultimate dream vacation to occur and if it does I plan to experience that vacation with my son Jacob. In addition, many of you know how much I enjoy music and the concert scene, and I plan to listen to a lot of music at Summerfest highlighted by the Zac Brown Band as well as the Dave Matthews Band in July.

But not all milestones are big events, but rather, are small significant events that occur even when we are young. Three of these milestones occurred for my daughter Katy over the past two months. The first occurred when she asked me to take the training wheels off of her bicycle. With a little help and pure determinations she was off and riding by herself within an hour. Her smile was relentless. Then she lost her first tooth and you would have thought she won the lottery by looking under her pillow and seeing a crisp dollar bill in the morning. Finally, after hours and days of frustration she mastered jump roping. It is so impressive even her brother Evan was proud of her.

But let’s be honest there are milestones in our past that brings sadness with them. Just last month was the first anniversary of my father in law’s passing. It brought sadness and some tears, but it also brought back some smiles and laughs when we all talked about “Perryisms”. As much as there are joyous milestones in our past, there are some tragedies that also occur as a part of life. But in time human tragedies and losses can and will be celebrated through prayer, music, pictures,etc. that brings smiles to our faces on those milestones.

I hope that you like I can look back on your life at this point and be happy and proud of all the milestones in your life as well as the memories and milestones you created for your family. I have decided to look back on my life and try to write a thorough timeline of all the milestones I can recall in my 49 years so far. I only wish I had kept a journal or diary which would make this much easier.  So if you haven’t already, take a minute and celebrate the milestones of your past, and think about the ones you would like to create; then do it.

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  1. John Boler ⋅

    You are right on about milestones. Looking forward to having you soak up all the music at Summerfest. Your paver will be installed in the next few weeks so it will be there to greet you when you arrrive!

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