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Right Now

One of the things we always coached in sales was having a sense of urgency. Having a sense of urgency sometimes separated the best sales reps from the average sales reps. Thankfully, I’ve applied that same sense of urgency into my life. As Steve Gleason said, we all have a finite amount of time but very few actually live that way. Of course trying to do this every day can sometimes tire me out, but I really want to take advantage of all the gifts each day presents.
This was very evident during my five day adventure with my son Dan in Mexico recently. I have a fear of flying and a bit of claustrophobia and my son Dan has no fear. He got choose our adventures and by the time our trip was complete we had gone zip lining, snorkeling, underground cave swimming, caving, and ATVing through the Mayan jungle. Not only were they all fun, but it was great bonding and great memories for Dan and I to have forever. I will be taking the same mentality with my son Jacob when we go to Italy at the end of the month.
But the sense of urgency should be part of everyday life since tomorrow is guaranteed to no one. Don’t put off anything for tomorrow if it is important for you to do today. That can be as simple as telling someone you love them or giving your child or loved one an extra hug. My situation changed the way I live my life and my hope is that it doesn’t take that to have to happen for you to change your life. Live life to the fullest and have the sense of urgency to it. I think you’ll find your days to be much more rewarding.

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