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Wrapped Around Her Finger

The love between a parent and a child is the definition of unconditional love. And if you have more than one child you love them all the same. But after having three boys, my daughter changed everything. I finally understood what my father felt and other friends felt who had a daughter. All I can say is it is a different feeling between a father and a daughter versus a father and a son but the amount of unconditional love is the same.
All she has to do is tilt her head and smile and I am like butter. I can’t even discipline her at that point. When she was born I immediately thought of all the big moments I would want to be a part of her life. One of these was going to be her first date. At an appropriate age, I wanted to knock on the front door, present her with a flower, and drive her to a wonderful dinner and dancing. I wanted her to know how a true gentleman should treat her. Of course I thought of her wedding day, her Sweet 16th birthday, graduations, and many other important dates. I thought about special days with my sons too, but I never actually began to plan them out. Once again, it is just a different feeling.
Recently I have been doing some traveling away from home and my family. Whereas I missed them all, there was a tug on my heart missing my daughter. I recently gave an interview to a local television station regarding my situation and I did remarkably well until I talked about my children and specifically my daughter and then the tears flowed.
I remember talking to my father after my third son was born. He asked me if Susan and I were going to try to have one more to get that daughter. At the time I remember thinking my dad must be crazy as I was 40 years old then. But then I remember him telling me how special it was for a father to have a daughter. And three years later after my daughter was born I finally understood what he meant. It is not any better it is just different and I’m sure most fathers would agree.
But now I have a problem: she has me wrapped around her finger. She is a beautiful sweet girl with drama coming out of her ears. When I should be strong and disciplined I am usually smiling and weak. Maybe this will change as she gets older but for now she gets away with murder and like I did, I’m sure her brothers see it as well. I guess that is why God blessed me with a daughter last. Just when I thought I had this whole parenting thing down, he threw me a curve ball and my fourth and last child was a daughter. And I couldn’t be happier!!

One response to “Wrapped Around Her Finger

  1. John Boler ⋅

    Yes, your little princess is a blessing to you, Susan and the boys. She is a masterpiece. You put it well … the Daddy/Daughter connection is beautiful and unique. Perfecto!

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