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Come See What’s Brewing

The title of this blog is an oldMilwaukee Brewers marketing slogan which is a perfect tie in to what happened this past week. Because of Lou Gehrig there is a natural connection between baseball and ALS. It all came together Friday night at what was called the Chasin a Cure tailgate party. It was a combination of food, beverages, great music, and awesome people who spread the message of hope and awareness to this worthy cause. If you want to come and see what’s really brewing, then attend our next event on October 14th and be a part of the action.
I am always amazed at what can happen when there is a call to action. It begins with an idea, and then you add creative and dedicated minds, and if you’re lucky you’ll get the result we did on Friday night. It began with all the volunteers in their yellow shirts preparing to work their butts off before the baseball game. And work they did. Soon the band Chasin Mason began to set up their gear. There was a lot of behind the scenes stuff taking place but soon there was a sea of blue. The sea of blue was the shirts given to each participant. And all of a sudden we had a party. Yes I said a party. I, perhaps like many other ALS patients, never wanted to attend these events because I thought they would be depressing. It is completely the opposite. You have patients along with their family and friends, as well as volunteers all combining to make these events full of life, smiles, and laughter. And at this event we also had lots of dancing thanks to a great band.
As you might imagine I did not have enough time to talk to so many friends and family who showed up to support this cause. I had to leave the tailgate party a little early for a very special reason. Not only was it my daughter Katy’s 6th birthday, but I was asked to throw out the first pitch before the game. Since I can no longer throw a ball, that honor was given to my son Evan who is one of the biggest Brewer and baseball fans I know. As we walked down the Stadium and entered the field, the smile on my son’s face was priceless. What a dream come true for a young boy. We were walking out to the mound representing all patients and their families who are dealing with this same devastation, because, as our T-shirts said, ALS Sucks! I thought about that as I looked into the left field seats and saw a massive sea of blue, but my son was just thinking about throwing the ball over the plate. He did a great job, got the baseball autographed, and soon my family and I joined the sea of blue ourselves.
You see, what is brewing is a greater sense of awareness of ALS. Events like this provide a large audience which increases the awareness and urgency to find the answers that we need. Our next event takes place on October 14th with a walk at Greenfield Park. I urge you to come see what’s brewing and join us for a day of fun, smiles, and music; you will be pleasantly surprised. And for the record, the Milwaukee Brewers did end their seven-game losing streak and won the game 6-0 so we must be good luck!

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