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Those Magical Words

When I talk about those magical words I am not talking about the phrase”we are going to Disney World.” I’m talking about simple phrases we teach our children and yet as adults a simple phrase that sometimes is difficult to say.
From a very young age we tried to have our children say the magical words of please and thank you. They are simple words of kindness and respect towards others. When my little kids start a phrase with “I want”, I simply ignore them until that magic word begins that phrase. The thank you part seems to come much easier. There are many other magical words that show kindness and respect that are also used but there are also many that seem difficult for us to say at certain times.
Why is it that we teach our children to use words of kindness and respect, but then as adults we often have trouble using this same advice? I’m talking about the magical words of I’m sorry and I forgive you. I am as guilty as anybody of having difficulties saying this at times in my life. Usually it is because I’m bitter or I am too hardheaded to admit when I’m wrong. When I look back it is amazing how the situation could have been resolved if I had either said I’m sorry or I forgive you. Actually, saying I’m sorry is much easier than saying I forgive you. Why is that such a difficult thing to do at times? Usually it is because we have been hurt real bad or are far too emotional at that time. Yet, we are human and sin every day. Every night when I pray I asked the Lord to forgive me of the sins I have committed that day. And the beautiful thing is he does, and I get another clean slate. And the next night I confess again and the same thing is repeated. So if he can continue to forgive us day after day, why is it difficult for us to do the same? Sometimes because of the hurt forgiveness just takes a while, but once you finally do it is so much easier to move on.
Just as we expect our children to say please and thank you, we should expect ourselves to say I’m sorry and I forgive you as adults. So if you have hurt someone and never did so, tell them you’re sorry. And if you still hold bitterness or a grudge against someone, forgive them and your heart will feel better. Sometimes it is the magical words that can put kindness and respect back into our everyday lives.

5 responses to “Those Magical Words

  1. Carole Ann Coombes ⋅

    Dear Jim,                                                                                                                                  Please do not put this in your blog, Jim. Others have been metioned.   My name is Carole Coombes.  I have written to you before, because I hope to have a chance to meet with you again. You have SO MUCH TO GIVE as I believe that all people with ALS have so much to give.    Here is our story in brief.  My husband Jack, went into business with a man by the name of Dick Charles.  Dick had recently been diagnosed with ALS. The year was 1977. The irony is that 25 years later Jack was diagnosed with this same insidious disease.  On Dec. 31, 2000–New years Eve, my dear and wonderful husband lost his battle with ALS along with so many others including the Ironman–the great, Lou Gehrig.  Oh, and Dick Charles was at his funeral–on life support!!   Six years later, as I was sitting in Church,  I noticed a gentleman bring in his wife—she was in a wheel chair, guaze in her mouth and she could not hold her head up straight. The priest mentioned ALS and of course I knew he was speaking of her.  I mustered up my courage and went over to speak to them.  I told them about Jack and asked if could come to visit sometime.  Oh, they were so very gracious and I visited her pretty much weekly for two years.  Sue was a beautiful woman and had been diagnosed about 6 years previously.  She became so very special to me–and I miss her to this day–we were such good friends even though I had never heard her speak a word!!   Her husband, Tom Kettler is very active in the ALS Association.   I myself try to get into the ALS office to help Melanie, Susie and Luz in any way that I can.   About one year ago, one of my dearest friends for many, many years was given this dreaded diagnosis. So, including my husband I have known 4 people in my life with ALS.  Somehow I feel I want to get more involved–I feel it is a calling.  I will talk to the “girls” at the office and if possible with you, to get more ideas.   It was about a year ago , I believe at the Sheridan here in Brookfield at an ALS Symposium, that you and I sat at the same table near the back of the room. We chatted a bit but that was all.  I will see if sometime we can meet at the ALS Office or wherever is convenient for you.  One last thing–please do not post this on your blog as I have mentioned Sue and Tom K.  I just do not want to infringe in any way on their privacy.  I guess what I would like to do is to reach out especially to you and your darling wife.  You or she can reach me by my phone or a message at the office. My number–262-641-5206.  I live near Bluemound and Elm Grove Rd.    I want to re-read your message–I love your “Magical Words”!!   Sincerely and with Prayers for you and your entire family Jim,   Carole Coombes  


  2. ljpw93 ⋅

    Right you are my brother!…..

  3. Carole Ann Coombes ⋅

    I just love this —- We can all learn so much from the courage of a little dog named “FAITH”—–! Meggie–he reminds me of dTia

  4. Carole Ann Coombes ⋅

    I am so grateful that I lived at the time of this strong and wonderful “Leader” CA

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