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Wonderful Wednesdays

What is your favorite day of the week? During college my favorite day of the week was Thursday because it was the unofficial start of the weekend. Of course once you start working Friday seems to be everyone’s favorite day. Saturday and Sunday’s are a no brainer! Nobody likes Mondays and let’s be honest, Tuesdays have no feel that all. That leaves Wednesdays. It signifies the middle of the week and is also known as hump day. Let me share with you why Wednesday’s have now become the most wonderful day of the week for my family.
As many of you know, Susan and I have had a difficult time asking for help. The most chaotic part of the day is when Susan gets home from work. She comes in around 6:30 after a long day and tries to put together for dinner on the fly for the kids. Because my arms no longer work well, it is hard for me to even make a sandwich for them. Needless to say, a well-rounded meal was hard to achieve without them eating past 7:30 at night. After many suggestions, we finally relented and allowed someone to drop off dinner one night. Then I thought I would put on our helping hands website the opportunity for people to bring dinner to our home one day a week on Wednesdays if they wanted to. The results have been amazing.
Within one hour of posting, every Wednesday night for the next three months was booked by friends who wanted to help. I reposted for the next three months and the same thing happened again. It is simply amazing what people will do to help other people. My kids can’t wait for Wednesday dinners anymore. Some meals were so good that they made the request for the same meal whenever that person signed up for another Wednesday dinner. The kids love the food, but I think my wife appreciates it the most.
Wednesday’s are wonderful not just because my family gets to eat delicious meal. But they are wonderful because of the people who have made a difference in our lives. It is a good example of compassion, friendship, and kindness to others in need. I know most of the people have families of their own and have their own chaotic schedules they are dealing with and yet they find or make the time to make a difference in our lives. It may not seem like much, but our gratitude is endless for their simple act of kindness.
So thank you to all those who make Wednesdays the most wonderful day of the week for our family. I know as time goes on and things progress we may be adding an additional day of the week for meals, and I have some guilt in even asking for that. But if I’ve learned one thing, it is that people get more upset when I don’t ask for help. In the meantime, we will continue to look forward to our wonderful Wednesday meals delivered by some of the most wonderful people.

7 responses to “Wonderful Wednesdays

  1. John H Johnson ⋅

    Jim, another reason I wished I lived closer. you would love the food I would bring I just know it! great post, love you bro

  2. Alice Wolfe ⋅

    Gosh I love this!! Wish I lived closer to help. You are doing soooo much to make people to feel good while they are helping out … Never stop asking as it probably is better for them than it is for you and your family! Jim you remind us all that it is better to give than receive and along the way makes all of us feel better about ourselves and keeps our hopes in humanity alive and well during these crazy times we live in. Restores our faith in mankind each and every day! That’s what God made us to do … Life is good! Wish I could be there to cook each and every day! Miss you guys! Hugs. Gary and Alice

  3. Carole Ann Coombes ⋅

    Dear Jim and Susan,   Thanks so much for this wonderful EMAIL!!  I have told you my story before–.   In 1977 my husband Jack, went into business with a gentleman, Dick Charles, recently diagnosed with ALS.  Dick chose to go on a ventilator–.  25 years later in 2000, my husband was diagnosed with ALS.  He chose NOT to have breathing assistance.  It went quickly for him–.He passed away peacefully on NEW YEARS EVE Dec.31, 2000.  Dick Charles was at his Funeral–still living with a ventilator. Dick has since passed on. But that is not the end of the story!!   You may know Tom Kettler.  His wife had ALS.  They went to my Church and I used to visit his beautiful wife, Sue.  Tom is very active in the Association.   About one year ago.  One of my dearest friends, Mary Ellen was diagnosed with ALS.  She lives just 2 blocks from me.  I love your idea of  WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!   I like to go into the ALS OFFICE and help out when I can. Maybe–(and I can’t promise!!)  I can start helping out with meals also!!  I find it amazing that I have had 4 people in my life with this “rare” and insidious disease.   With Love and Prayers, for you Jim, and your entire family!!   Carole Coombes        


  4. ljpw93 ⋅

    Again your humility is astounding! Love you Jimmy!

  5. Kumar

    My father had ALS when i was growing up and my mother faced the same struggle, trying to provide food for my sister, father and myself while she took care of my father and kept working. After a while we too relented and had friends bringing us meals almost every day of the week. It was one of the most meaningful/truly helpful things that friends were able to do. I think they appreciated it as much as we did because they didn’t know what else they could do and everyone wanted to help. I still remember getting excited for Mondays because our neighbor would bring enchiladas. I am glad to hear you have found the same compassion from your friends.

  6. Cathy S. ⋅

    Jim, Your writing moves me every time! Bringing dinner is merely a tiny drop in the bucket, compared to the life lessons all of us can learn from you and Susan. Hugs!

  7. Jim,
    I was thinking of you and your family this morning. Went on facebook was going to send you an email. Needless to say ended up reading your blog I guess it is called. You never sees to amaze me. We each have our own journeys and I agree your humility is unbelievable. My mother just returned from visiting Jeff in WI and believe me many of my family members and myself would help your wife if we were nearby. Prayers and blessing to you and your family. All the Eutizzi’s and Johnson’s always and forever.

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