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Divided yet United

We live in the United States but lately it doesn’t seem like we are very united as a country. We live in a time where our differences seem to jump out and distinguish us more than those things that unite us. It is very apparent when you watch all the political ads on television these days. No matter what side you fall on, it is more about tearing down an opponent or party rather than uniting us as a people. This is why I like to go to mass. For one hour a week I can go somewhere and truly clear my head and find inspiration to start a new week. That is what led me to this blog: one sentence during a sermon.
I believe that no matter what path or religious belief you have it ultimately leads to God, and God, if we let it, can be the one who can unite us all. I believe that because I believe the most important quality that God represents is love. Above all else we should love our fellow mankind despite all the differences we may have with them. If we look hard enough we can see that on display every single day. The problem is too often we don’t allow ourselves that opportunity because of our differences. I would like to share an example of that which happened to me recently.
If you know me well enough you understand it is hard for me to say no sometimes. One such example was when my doorbell rang about six months ago and it was two ladies representing the Jehovah’s Witness. Most people would either not answer the door or quickly send them on their way but being by myself most of the day I actually welcomed the conversation that day. We actually had a nice 5 to 10 min. conversation about our belief systems. Over the next four months they stopped two or three more times and we talked a little bit more. Each time ended the same way with both of us saying God bless you and your family. Well a few months ago I received a card with a note inside. The note explained that it was from one of the ladies who had stopped by my house and she explained that she saw me on television doing an interview on my battle with ALS. She explained to me that she lost her husband about 15 years ago to this same disease and she wanted to share that experience with me as well as tell me that I and my family would forever be in her prayers. To say I was touched is an understatement. Despite our differences the one thing that united us was God and the love that he shares.
This past weekend was the Walk to Defeat ALS. On a cloudy rainy morning over 5000 people came together all with the same purpose and the one thing that united everyone there was the love for patients and families fighting this horrible disease. There are probably many differences between all the people there whether it was political, economic, ethnic, etc. but that did not matter on that day. What did matter is what united us not divided us, and that was love.
There are many more examples like this that happen every day. My hope for the future is that we can all focus on being united rather than divided. And if we can keep God and ultimately love in the forefront I know it can be accomplished and we and our children can live in a better world. Maybe John Lennon and the Beatles were correct “All you need is Love.”

One response to “Divided yet United

  1. Vicki Franceschi ⋅

    That is brilliant Jim! It brought tears to my eyes because I feel the same way, the politics along with the way of the world is exhausting because of divided not united as you stated. Hopefully we will all learn this valuable lesson as seen through your eyes and words.

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