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A Dog and the Gift of Giving

It was a little more than four years ago when our family vote was 5-1 to get a new dog. And so began our life with a Golden doodle named Molly. As you might guess, I was the one who voted no. Not because I don’t love animals but more because I was the one who had put down our first family dog and we already led a very chaotic life with our family of six. Little did I know what effect Molly would have on our family.
In the beginning all the kids competed to play with our new puppy, but Jacob is the one who put in the time to go to dog training classes with Molly. But at home we all worked with Molly to help her become the wonderful pet she is today. She really is like my fifth child in that he seemed to need as much attention if not more than they do. One of our favorite things that Molly does is she greets us at the door whenever we get home with a toy. She probably has about 10 babies as we call them. We all try to guess which one she will have her mouth and when we open the garage door it puts a smile on everybody’s face.
So what does this have to do with the gift of giving? First of all, it is the holiday season and the gift of giving should and will be noticeable everywhere. But this is about how a dog daily shows us the gift of giving through their unconditional love of their family and how that affected one of us in a big way. Having a dog is a great example of unconditional love: they love us and in return we love them back. By giving Molly the gift of a loving home she has returned that love tenfold. The one person who did not want her probably receives the most since I am with her all day. We go for walks, take naps, and I pet her constantly throughout the day. She gives me much joy. But the biggest example occurred this month when Evan turned nine. Evan wanted his own tablet for his birthday and was also having a birthday party with about 20 boys. Our deal with Evan was we would get him a tablet if he negated getting presents at his birthday party. Instead we told Evan he had to pick a charity for his friends to donate to. Without thinking Evan said the Humane Society. Without having Molly that gift of giving to the Humane Society would not have happened.  From his party Evan was able to donate almost 2 grocery carts of items that were needed. They took his picture and told him he would be in the next newsletter. I am sure when he is old enough Evan will volunteer at that same Humane Society.
My point is that having a dog can and will make a much bigger impact on the family life than we know. And in this case even impact other animals in need of a good home. That being said, Evan does  want a cat that he saw at the shelter and so far I have held my ground on the answer being no. Wish me luck!
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One response to “A Dog and the Gift of Giving

  1. Carole Ann Coombes ⋅

    Jim!!   I just love your messages.  I have responded to you before and hope sometime to see you again.  You and your family are always in my prayers.  To quickly re-cap my story–.  My husband, Jack went into business with Dick Charles–a man with ALS and Jack took over the business.  25 years later, ironically, my dear Jack was diagnosed with ALS.  After his passing, I visited a woman from our Church with ALS until she died. Her husband Tom Kettler is on the Board for ALS.   Now, one of my very best friends is in the late stages of ALS–she is completely bedridden. So there have been 4 people very dear to me that have this terrible disease–I try to volunteer at the office.   Now in response to your great message about Molly. A Golden Doodle!!  Two of the best breeds!  I bet she is adorable!!    I am, of  course, a widow.  Jack has been gone 12 years.  Of course I miss him, but my life is busy and full. When our kids were growing up–we always had pets.  Dog, cats, gold fish–you name it–. Long story short, after all of these 12 years, I adopted a dog.  Not from the “Humane Society” but from a “Doggie Rescue”.  She had been “used” in a puppy “mill” for breeding.  She lived her life in a cage. She was rescued and I went to see her at the Rescue place. She came running up to me and it WAS love at first sight.  I went back to get her the next day . She is 8 yrs. old and LOVES her new home.  Her name is Vera–a bit unusual but it seems to fit her and after 8 yrs–I did not want to change her name.  Jim, she is a black toy poodle!! So soft and loveable.  She does not leave my sight!! All the kids love her–and she loves them!!  She finally has a good life.   If I ever see you at an ALS function–you can be sure I will come over and say hello and give you a warm hug.   Love and prayers to you and your entire family. Peace.   Carole Coombes    


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