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Thanksgiving is upon us, and for most of us that means tons of food, family and prayers of gratitude. But what if the miracles we’ve prayed for this year, the things we were sure would happen… never did? How can we be grateful for the things that didn’t come our way?
Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you thought it was a sign of something to come? This has happened to me many times but quite often I would shrug them off. Many times I would tell someone about it and they would convince me to see it through. One example occurred when I was dating. It was a blind date with unusual circumstances that I did not want to go on, but a friend convinced me that it was meant to happen. Let’s just say it was a complete disaster, at least the date was. But what I learned was to take chances and eventually, another blind date led me to my wife. I was embarrassed about that first blind date, waiting for a miracle that never materialized believing divine intervention would make itself known to me.
How about that promotion at work we felt we deserved and wanted but never received. Many times down the road it was the best thing that never happened because an even better situation presented itself.
Then I thought perhaps the miracles that didn’t happen for us caused or resulted in a miracle happening for someone else, and it wouldn’t have occurred had what we prayed for really happened. That’s an incredible thought, and one that we should consider whenever we don’t get what we’re expecting. I believe we are all a part of a much bigger plan than we are aware of. We just have to accept what life gives us each day and realize it is a blessing even if we don’t understand it.                  
So this holiday season, thank God not only for the miracles he’s done for you but for the miracles he’s done for others, too. You may have been a part of one, without ever even knowing about it.

3 responses to “Thanksgiving

  1. ⋅

    I really liked this one Jim…it is so true…God knows all of our plans and he knows what our future holds. We need to be thankful and pray for everything in our life and for what we have. We may not always understand God’s plan…but in the long run he knows whats best for us and then it becomes much more clear what he is doing for us or others:) Like you said you may wish or pray for something to occur etc. and when it doesn’t we are disappointed…but a month or longer down the road it becomes clear why it didn’t happen the way we had hoped!! Thank you for blessing us with your words of encouragement and positive attitude. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays it’s great to read your blog:) Love you..jules

  2. cheryl lange ⋅

    Miracles happen every day … I was personally blessed with one this year … thanks to all the prayers I now consider myself a Breast Cancer Survivor … what an amazing thing to be able to say. Thanks for your words Jimbo!!

  3. Carole Ann Coombes ⋅

    Jim!!   I am wondering if you will be able to make it tonight to the Celebration of Life??   I have a busy day–.  Lots this AM and at noon a Christmas Program for my Grandson–then I hope to be at the Celebration of Life tonight for my husband, Jack, that had ALS.   Thinking of you so often and many, many prayers!!   Carole Coombes


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