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Walking in Their Wheels

An interesting phenomenon took place last week. I was lucky enough to go to Disney World again with my family, but that is not the interesting phenomenon. Because of my worsening condition I knew I would not be able to walk around the various parks so I rented a scooter. What came next was a real eye-opening experience.
We have all heard the phrase “I wonder what it would be like to walk in his shoes.” In my case, I had my first experience to walk in the wheels of the disabled. And knowing that my future will be in a scooter of some kind, you can say I was a little frustrated with what I experienced. First of all, I have to give credit to Disney and how they work with handicapped individuals. Whenever we got to a gate their motto was “wheels first”. Those in scooters or wheelchairs went through first followed by those in their party. If only that was the case in the general public. I wish I could say 75% of the general public was aware and helpful to me, but unfortunately it was only about 30%. Most of the time people would cut in front or pay no attention to the fact that I was in a scooter. I spent most of my time trying to avoid hitting people in front of me as they cut in front or simply stopped in their paths. On more than a few occasions people walked right by me in line as if I wasn’t even there. I was astonished at the behavior of so many people towards me, or should I say towards anyone on wheels. I just assumed that everyone like me would bend over to help someone in a wheelchair or a scooter. It is not a pity thing, just common courtesy. By the way, I wish I were talking about kids but I am talking about adults who lacked the common courtesy.
My hope is that it was more the location that caused the behavior rather than the behavior itself. I guess only time will tell as I spend more time on wheels. In the meantime, I hope all of us can improve our behavior and courtesy to those less fortunate, especially those who are walking in their wheels. Remember the Disney motto “wheels first”.


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  1. carrie lauters ⋅

    i hear what a great inspiration you are from others,especially john and linda.take care and i hope people will also be would think that they must have a hard time sleeping at night. i wish more of the brighter days ahead for you and your family as you are very special to many.

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