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Finding Small Miracles

Lets face it, for most people life is hard. There is a daily struggle that occurs for everyone within the 24 hours that make up our day. That last sentence may cause some of you conflict.
We all have neighbors, friends, or people we see that don’t seem to have an ounce of the stress that we have on our plates. We see people with a nicer home, newer car, more free time, etc., and we automatically think, “Boy, they have it good.” And many times I’m sure that is true, as it relates to us and our present situation. But appearances don’t always tell the full, and sometimes real, story. Many of those people that appear to have it so good often have silent struggles or demons that we are not aware of.
As a person and family living with ALS, many of our struggles are known but not all of them. You cannot fully understand the depths of someone’s struggles until you have walked in their shoes. My physical struggles are very evident but my mental struggles are silent unless I’ve opened up to you. My wife has the difficult task of being the financial backbone, running a household, keeping the kids on task, driving to every function, being a mom, wife, and friend to others, and finding time for herself – which never happens. My kids have to watch a parent physically crumble in front of them and try to carry on. My son wants to play catch and my daughter wants to play cards, and I see the disappointment because I can’t. It would be easy for us to be envious of others who seemingly have it all. But then I think of some of the stories I have seen or heard about of people who seemed to have it all. Families riddled with divorce, alcoholism, imprisonment, death of a child due to poor health, and sudden death of a spouse in the prime of their life. There are more, but you get the point.
I think if you are in a personal struggle sometimes you are just waiting for that miracle to happen that will make your life easier. And if you are, you probably have disappointment because it never happened. But how do you know small miracles didn’t happen that you never noticed? Maybe instead of small miracles we can just call them blessings. They happen every day but we usually take them for granted. Waking up, the smile and hug from my children, hearing the words I love you, safely getting to and from school and work, birds singing, hearing a special song, laughter. These small blessings happened in the first two hours of my day! I can’t wait for all of the rest that will happen that I would normally take for granted. I take NOTHING for granted anymore! I know despite my challenges I am having a much better day than many others who seemingly have it all. That big miracle may come one day but until then, stop looking and waiting for it and start enjoying the small miracles that surround us each and every day.


3 responses to “Finding Small Miracles

  1. Cheryl Creydt ⋅

    A friend e-mailed this to me this last week. Thought you might enjoy also!>
    >Sit back, enjoy and feel the peace.
    >Sound on
    >God Whispers

  2. Alice Wolfe ⋅

    As always Jim, extremely on point and inspirational! Your courage, faith and happiness in the face of this monster ALS is a never ending light in an ever increasing dark world. I know that God has given you to all of us as a true inspiration and blessing! Thank you for all you do for all of us! Hugs … Alice

  3. Laura Griffin ⋅

    Jim, you are coming to Sheboygan next Monday. I will be one of the lucky ones at RCS Empowers to hear you speak. You are a brave man to reach out to others. Thank you for all you do!

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