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What an Honor

This is the most difficult time I’ve ever had writing a blog. I know this because it has taken me over three weeks to write. The reason it is difficult is because I’m writing about myself and an award that i recently found out I won. Anyone who is competitive wants to win. I’m no different which is why I loved my sales career. Every year I would compete across the company to be the number one sales rep. Through motivation, preparation, drive, and the will to succeed I would compete for that goal. But how do you accept an award that you didn’t even know you were a part of? Which brings me to the Lawrence A. Rand Prize for 2013.
Unbeknownst to me, each year every chapter across the US nominates someone for this award. It recognizes the courage, passion, integrity and commitment of those serving the ALS community as volunteers, healthcare professionals, educators or in other ways contributing to the quality of life of people living with ALS. I was told I made it to the final seven then the national board felt I was the most deserving. I know many people who work hard to make a difference for those fighting ALS so I’m very honored to be singled out. So what is the lesson here? For me it is simple: this is the most special award I ever won because of how it happened. It happened because others noticed and wrote letters nominating me because of how I’m leading my life. Since my diagnosis I was determined to take my talents and efforts to educate, inform, and motivate others to make a difference in this world and in the process help to rid the world of this horrible disease. Sales awards are great but not as great as being recognized by your peers and that’s why winning this award means so much to me. An added benefit is that I get to go to San Diego in February to accept the award which is better than Milwaukee  in February. But I do have write and find the courage to give a speech to about 800 people so wish me luck.

6 responses to “What an Honor

  1. you will be great!!!! love you so much and so proud of you my brother!!

  2. Carole Ann Coombes ⋅

    Oh, Jim!!!!

    Thank you!!! Yes, you deserve this honor!!!!!

    Carole coombes

  3. Alice Wolfe ⋅

    Well Jim we are not surprised! We continue to be oh so proud of you for all you do to help others in the ALS family! Job well done! Know your dad and grandma are beaming up in heaven over all your accomplishments!

  4. Joe Schulz ⋅

    Hi Jim,
    On oct 25th 2013 I heard the word “unfortunately ” which I knew meant ALS without Dr. Barkhous Saying another word. So began my journey. Its still sureal to me yet and I have not gotten angry or said why me…… because Why anyone right? I have no kids or spouse, so sometimes I think yes me instead of someone like you with a family. When people ask me what they can do I say “slow down appreciate the small things enjoy your kids , go walk in a park take the time to emjoy a sunset. I am in gods hands already which where I find my comfort. My friend Diane and her girls are getting the ball rolling for my Walk team “Jett fighters” this fall. My nickname is Joe Jett because of my speed ……… not so much now but im still mobile and thankfull. Your an inspiration ,stay strrong , Joe Jett

    • Jim ⋅

      Nice to hear from you. I’ve heard from not only Diane but another common friend in Sheila Prahl. She is a friend through hockey with the kids and her and brad are good friends. She said she knew another person who had gotten this diagnosis and it was you. Stay strong joe jet and if you ever want to shoot the crap let me know. Our paths will cross soon.

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