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Playing Catch

One thing many of you don’t know about me is how much I am like my father and how much my life is mimicking his. Some of the big similarities is that we were both in sales, loved talking to others, etc but we both faced a major neurological medical situation at about the age of forty. My father started losing feeling and strength in his hands and limbs having to retire from work in his fifties. I don’t have any memories of playing sports with my dad as a youth. I remember him struggling to shoot a basketball as that was my main sport as a kid. My memories are of him sitting on a lawn chair watching me practice and going to my games always supporting me in that way. I felt bad for him but I never felt “cheated”. Although I’m sure he felt bad as a parent he couldn’t do those things with me.

I bring this up because I often wonder what my kids think about as we go down our journey. I really watch my ten year old son Evan and listen to what he says. Recently we were talking about cures for ALS. He is convinced they will find one soon and when they do all he wants to do is play catch with me. Although he did say I get 30 days to get in shape. Thanks son. Of course my heart sank as I know without a miracle that won’t happen. So I asked him what others things would he rather do and he said “nothing I just want to play catch with you”. So I decided to ask the older boys and they said the same darn thing. It made me realize that a bond between a father and a son can be as simple as playing catch. I also know that despite wanting to do this they will never feel cheated later in life. My experience gives me comfort because seeing that disappointment in his eyes is tough.

So enjoy the simples pleasures with your kids. The trips and toys are great but if my childhood proves anything and my kids are any proof, a simple game of playing catch will impact them and create a lifelong bond.

3 responses to “Playing Catch

  1. Tom Aldridge ⋅

    Hey Jim, great blog entry. Loved it. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. ⋅

    Well Jim … I couldn’t have said it better myself ! I know how much I love just being with my kids and grands … it breathes life into you whether you are a participant or just watching. You’re observations show that kids get it … Keep it simple and live for the moment! What a great parent and observer of life you are! Love it ! Continue to pass on what you see because some of us need to be reminded to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures!

  3. Ken Sussex ⋅

    Thanks for the reminder Jim! It’s easy to take life’s simple pleasures for granted and let those precious moments slip on by.

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