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Building Your Resume

Easter is a time of renewal and rebirth. To me, it is the most important religious holiday as it gives all of us hope for eternal life if you are a Christian. It made me pause and reflect on how I am living my life and building my resume for that day when my human life ends.
How many resumes have you built? The first one was probably built for college. My older son’s application process for college was not that simple. They don’t just ask for your GPA. They want SAT or ACT scores. They look at what you do with your free time – whether it’s sports, community service, work, school clubs, etc. What you have done with your life to that point all goes into each university’s selection process that determines whether or not you’re accepted. It’s a very competitive process during which many people get denied more often than not to most universities.
Then there’s your work resume. This is so important that there are professional resume writers and books galore that explain how to properly do this. That resume will show all of your strengths and examples of what you have accomplished to make you the best candidate for that promotion or new job. This resume will constantly be updated as your professional career continues.
How often have you thought about the resume of your life? There is a line on a resume that asks what your objective is. What is your objective? Is it happiness? Love? Friendship? My objective is to get to heaven. So, what am I doing and how am I living my life to achieve my objective? I doubt enough people have gone through the process of building a resume for your life. If you haven’t, you should do it and see how you look to date at achieving your resume’s objective. This process may open your eyes to what you are doing well and expose you to areas that are lacking. Trust me, I make mistakes every day but I also know forgiveness is achievable for everyone who wants it.
My resume is constantly being updated but my hope is that when the time comes, my resume will grant me access to the greatest place in the world. So, join me and start building the resume of your life.



4 responses to “Building Your Resume

  1. ⋅

    Wow Jim … What an awesome thought yet so simple! If everyone lived their life in this manner what a wonderful world this would be! You have such a gift for saying what needs to be said in the most enlightening, thoughtful ways and yet keeping it simple on all levels so that it’s easy for anyone … child, teenager or adult to understand. We continue to admire and cherish you for your example as to how life should be lived even in the face of adversity! Hugs … Alice

  2. Cheryl Creydt ⋅

    So true! Your writing hit home w/me today as it added another truth to meditate on! I’ve been reading “The Purpose Drivin’ Life” as I search for God’s purpose for my life after the lose of my husband. Thanks for adding to my day!

  3. John Knol ⋅

    Not sure if I should even be commenting since I don’t know you and have never met you but I’m married to one of your friends from school days, Sandy Knol (formerly Smith formerly Schellinger) and she has talked about you often and has the deepest respect and admiration for you as a person. I have been enjoying reading your blog. I like the idea behind what you’re saying about building your life resume. My only comment is not intended in any way to contradict or start a debate but just to say how thankful I am that my “life resume” for entrance into that glorious place called Heaven is complete since Jesus Christ paid for it in full. With that said I do continue to work out my salvation and live in a way that is pleasing to God. God bless you Jim.

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