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Political Correctness

In my opinion, we live in a country where political correctness has gone way overboard. It seems that if just a few people are offended by something that 98% of people are not, it is changed as to not offend the few. It has gotten way out of hand but I have never been personally affected by any of these big issues.
 With this in mind, let’s talk about sports. As many of you know, I am a big sports fan. Athletes get hurt all of the time in sports. Let’s just focus on the big four sports in America – those being football, hockey, basketball and baseball. Football is a collision sport where many careers end by one violent hit. When players get hurt, they are put on the injured list. Hockey is also a rough sport. You can see someone get cut and then immediately stitched up so they can continue to play. I’ve seen hockey players play with a broken jaw by having a special visor on their helmet. These guys are tough yet sometimes they can’t play for a while and are put on the injured list. Basketball is getting rougher and the knees take a beating. Just ask Dwayne Wade. Throughout the year, players are put on and taken off of that injured list.
 Now, let’s talk about baseball. The Brewers are our local team. Many players get hurt throughout the season. If a player pulls a muscle and is going to miss more than a few weeks of playing time, do you know what list he goes on? Well, it’s not the injured list. It’s the DISABLED list. That’s right, the disabled list. Two weekends ago, I attended the Chasin’ A Cure tailgate party at Miller Park to benefit those patients and families affected by ALS. As those of us patients sat in our wheelchairs unable to do many of the simple things that most take for granted, it dawned upon me that I found myself offended by this situation. I wondered if I’ve become over sensitive. Maybe. But, then again, maybe not. I asked a few others and found out I wasn’t alone. The bottom line is that I am disabled. I get a disability check and even a disabled license plate to show for it. I will never regain what I’ve lost. In fact, as my dear friend Trickett, an ALS patient herself, says, “I wake up each day knowing this is the strongest I will ever be again.” Meanwhile, just a few days ago, a pitcher on our team was just added to the disabled list with “shoulder tightness.”
 So, what am I asking for? It’s simple: that MLB follow the lead of the other major sports and when someone gets hurt, put them on the injured list and not the disabled list. Unless you’re disabled, you probably won’t even notice this small change of one word. But if you are truly disabled, chances are you will. In the age of political correctness, this is one name change that will not cause a furor or debate because I believe we would all agree that it is the right thing to do.

2 responses to “Political Correctness

  1. Carole Ann Coombes ⋅

    I could not agree more, Jim!!    There is no comparison between injured and disabled—-.  To be injured is temporary–.  to be disabled–is PERMANENT!!!  —–Unless someone is “Temporarily disabled!!!??

    Keep up the good work, Jim!!

    Carole Coombes

    (My dear husband, Jack died on New Years Eve—Dec. 31, 2000–Lou Gehrigs Disease)

    Lou Gehrig’s “Luckiest Man”–Speech–.  He concluded that he may have been given a “bad break”–but “he had an awful lot to live for–“

  2. Judy joerndt ⋅

    Great insight, Jim. Warren (my husband and soul mate) was disabled. Let’s do it right with all. Injured means a future. He (,my husband) was never going to get better. Every day we prayed that “today will be as good as yesterday.” We need hope and a cure

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