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Quenching My Thirst

Well, it took a long time but warmth has finally returned to us last weekend in Wisconsin. I heard my kids all say they were parched or thirsty. Nothing that a cold glass of water or Gatorade can’t fix.

But other thirsts still exist. Maybe you’ve been working so hard that you thirst for a vacation. Maybe you haven’t had a compliment in ages and just need your boss or spouse or friend to say something nice to you. There are many areas, but I want to talk about quenching your thirst for love.

Love is all around us. Even if you don’t have someone special in your life, you have the greatest love of all: God’s love. With his love you are never alone. This is important because life has its pitfalls and it is good to know God loves us and will take care of us all.

The greatest love I have ever felt was at my children’s birth. That was when I discovered unconditional love. Four times I felt that love and you can never divorce your kids, so it is eternal. For me, that is the truest kind of love.

My kids asked me one time about love vs. being in love. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I remember saying that you can love many people at the same time but you can only be in love with one person at a time. At least that is my belief. Sometimes you may be very fulfilled but still have this small hole in your heart that is empty. Maybe you’re waiting for that perfect puzzle piece to fill that whole. You may not be ready to have that filled, so you never see it. But if you open the door and take a chance, you may find what you’re looking for – a beautiful person inside and out to quench your thirst for love.

Maybe the Beatles are right: All you need is love. We all deserve it. I’m one of the fortunate ones who has found love on many levels.

I love you all and feel it returned even more.






2 responses to “Quenching My Thirst

  1. ⋅

    As usual Jim … so well spoken! Know that you are loved by all of us for your courage, your heart and your spirit! Hugs … Alice

  2. Janet ⋅

    Your beliefs and thoughts-that you so eloquently put into words- are one of the many reasons I believe you have been such a blessing in my daughters’ lives.

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