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The Tale of this is Beautiful

If someone asked you what the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen is, could you answer that question? I ask that because I have a feeling the answers would be very different. I also think that our own personal definition of beautiful changes as we grow up.
When I was diagnosed with ALS, I know my definition of beautiful was different than it is now. It’s almost as if my senses were tuned into a much more detailed frame of reference. Other than the obvious things, like the birth of my children, I think I took for granted beautiful things that I never noticed. Today, it is very clear what I think of as being beautiful.
Have you ever sat in the woods without moving or making a sound? I challenge you to try this sometime. If you’re like me, you will be stunned at the sounds and sights that nature provides for us to enjoy everyday. To me, that is beautiful. How about the simple sounds of a spring rain? You can see it, you can hear it, and, yes, you can even smell the beautiful spring rains.
I would guess that most people would mention their husband or wife when asked what they think is beautiful. I remember a friend telling me how a woman can change his life perspective of what true beauty really is. He said, first of all, it happened when he least expected it, and as beautiful as she was visually, it was the connection that came from the inside that made him realize just how beautiful this person was. He fell in love with that part, and the beauty that anyone can see visually was just icing on the cake.
I can honestly say that after my diagnosis, a deeper understanding of true beauty and what is beautiful became much more focused. I have met so many people during this journey that equate examples of what is beautiful. If I had not met these individuals, I think my journey and fight would have been much more difficult. I hate this disease with a passion, but I also would be lying if I didn’t admit that my purpose was much more clear.
I still have many wishes and goals and, yes, possibly a miracle to fight for. So, do me a favor and ask yourself what you find to be beautiful and then think of reasons why they are beautiful to you. It took me a horrible diagnosis for it just to become clear to me, but hopefully you can read this and take notice of everything around you that God has given us on this earth and enjoy your life one beautiful moment at a time.

4 responses to “The Tale of this is Beautiful

  1. Luz ⋅

    I love it! I keep my hope, I know and I believe that miracles happen everyday.

  2. Carole Ann Coombes ⋅

    When my husband died of ALS–I did not think I could go on alone. I had a VERY bad cold. The Dr. gave me strong medication –. I slept for 3 days–. And–!! I PRAYED!! When I awoke–I knew I would be okay. Jack was a wonderful person–and he said he would NEVER LEAVE ME!! It has been 16 years–and–life is good!!

  3. Garrick Goold ⋅

    Great post!

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  4. Renee Barry ⋅

    Thank you for sharing this Jim! I couldn’t agree more! My beautiful would be the sky. It’s beautiful and peaceful always.. But how often do people actually pause and look up at the sky? We take so many simple things for granted. I always enjoy your writings. You have such a great perspective on things that I really connect with! I miss seeing you!

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