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Pause for a Cause

14612437_1086222361433721_2267638600704846853_oAs I sat here today, I realized that the walk to cure ALS is one week away. This walk is extremely important to many families in the state of Wisconsin. Since my diagnosis nine years ago, this will be my fifth walk. In the beginning I was afraid to attempt the walk because I thought it would be a sea of people, many who were close to death. I didn’t want myself or my four children to see that. However once I went, I quickly realized it was not a depressing sight but rather a hopeful situation with a lot of love, encouragement, and support.

Over the last few weeks I have seen or heard about many walks for several different causes. About twenty years ago after my divorce I had my first volunteer experience. It was my first Thanksgiving without my children. I felt I needed to do something to bring happiness to me. So I drove myself to a soup kitchen in downtown Milwuakee and served Thanksgiving dinner to those who otherwise would not get one. It made me realize that despite my personal situation I had a really good thing going – that I was still very blessed. Since that time I have given my time and talents to many different causes.

Many of you reading this have probably done the same thing I have. However, if you haven’t I would implore you to find a cause where you can make a difference in.

Another person’s life. I promise you that you will feel the warm weather that begins in your heart and will stick with you for many years to come. Obviously all of my support is going to ALS, and I would love to have you join me and many others fight find a cure for this hideous disease. If not ALS, find the cause that is close to you, your family or friends and take the time to pause for a cause.

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