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  By definition, a milestone is a series of numbered markers constructed to provide reference points along a road. So too are the milestones that we can look forward to and remember that provide reference points to our lives. Milestones can be large or small and also happy or sad. In the next couple of… Read more.

A Good Infection

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As different colds and flues have swept through our house it got me to thinking about all the illnesses we can get from one another. These infections have a way of starting with a source then spreading rampantly from one individual to next sometimes at an epidemic level. We do all we can to avoid… Read more.

Riding the Wave

Having been in sales for over 20 years, it was always important to ride the wave when things were going well for as long as you could because eventually the wave would lose power or crash on shore. More importantly was to do whatever you could as quickly as you could to get back on the next one. Battling this illness is no different; there are going to be ups and downs. I think being an athlete and being in sales builds some mental toughness. The physical progression will always be there but for me the mental side has been the toughest wave to ride. This week was a great example of that.

It started with a few bad days. An acquaintance of mine was diagnosed twice with ALS only to have a third opinion come in with a lesser non-fatal motor neuron disease. With a referral from my friend, this physician agreed to look at my information. Although, I got the same ALS diagnosis for myself as I expected, I still thought well maybe…..this is the hope we all must keep for ourselves. Unfortunately, I took it hard and was in the dumps for a few days. Thanks to my family and friends it was short lived.

This weekend I took part in the Summer Freeze Out hockey tournament that benefited ALS. The skaters and volunteers were awesome with their time, efforts, raffle gifts and the money donated for the cause. The inspiration generated brought me back on the next wave and life is good again all things considered.

So know that you are not alone when your wave crashes. Just look for the motivation or inspiration to get you up on the next wave. For me it always is my faith, family, and friends that comprise the team effort!